*Cold Winter*SNOW CRABThe cold winter creates the perfect conditions for sea foods with great taste, and best quality products like “Snow Crabs”.From November to March is the fishing season, to avoid over fishing!The Kanou-gani- (male crabs) with long and fatty meats, always in lined in sushi menu and chosen by sushi chef.Kobako- (female crabs) the eggs and “unique umami taste” is more famous, much cheaper than male.Kobako- fishing season is until 29th of December. Well, there will be next time…


  1. 石川县轮岛漆艺美术馆·冲绳工艺展

  2. 轮岛早市感谢祭

  3. 轮岛永井豪纪念馆十周年纪念日

  4. 轮岛观光咨询中心年末年始营业时间调整

  5. 第七次轮岛里山里海节.第一次轮岛河豚节同时举办

  6. 能登半岛 轮岛 御阵乘太鼓 2018年免费观赏日期

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