*Cold Winter*SNOW CRABThe cold winter creates the perfect conditions for sea foods with great taste, and best quality products like “Snow Crabs”.From November to March is the fishing season, to avoid over fishing!The Kanou-gani- (male crabs) with long and fatty meats, always in lined in sushi menu and chosen by sushi chef.Kobako- (female crabs) the eggs and “unique umami taste” is more famous, much cheaper than male.Kobako- fishing season is until 29th of December. Well, there will be next time…


  1. 2018轮岛市民节

  2. Shot in wajima lacquer cups!

  3. 轮岛市白米千枚田2022年秋季~2023年春季焕彩亮灯活动时…

  4. 能登雪割草节,门前荞麦面集市

  5. 轮岛车站观光咨询中心营业时间调整通知

  6. 轮岛第三十一届冬季祭奠将于二月九日(周六)至二月十七日(周日…

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