*Cold Winter*SNOW CRABThe cold winter creates the perfect conditions for sea foods with great taste, and best quality products like “Snow Crabs”.From November to March is the fishing season, to avoid over fishing!The Kanou-gani- (male crabs) with long and fatty meats, always in lined in sushi menu and chosen by sushi chef.Kobako- (female crabs) the eggs and “unique umami taste” is more famous, much cheaper than male.Kobako- fishing season is until 29th of December. Well, there will be next time…


  1. Takuhatsu

  2. 轮岛大祭 8月22日.23日.24日.25日

  3. “轮岛海女采捞技术”被指定为日本国家重要无形民俗文化财产

  4. 轮岛天然河豚捕获量在日本连续五年第一。如果您来轮岛旅游千万不…

  5. 能登雪割草节,门前荞麦面集市

  6. 第七次轮岛里山里海节.第一次轮岛河豚节同时举办

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