[Takuhatsu]A traditional form of alms given to Buddhist monk in Japan.The Zen monks walking on the street while chanting the sutras (prayers and scriptures) are highly respected. They were not reallyasking, but if anyone give them anything they will accept and don’t say “thank you”, because they were in higher position!This is also one of their “Zen ” deepest practice tradition.


  1. 轮岛车站观光咨询中心G.W.期间临时调整营业时间通知

  2. 轮岛市第21届能登门前“新荞麦面节”&“门前大市”…

  3. 轮岛早市感谢祭

  4. 道之驿轮岛Furatto访梦新企画·周六午后市

  5. Shot in wajima lacquer cups!

  6. 轮岛车站观光咨询中心秋季营业时间

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