Wearing Surgical Mask

Due to the spreading “Coronavirus Infections”, wearing mask is a must to help and block the spread of germs or virus.

Please be considerate of others. We need to concern ourselves about the uncommon “Coronavirus”.


  1. 日本最早的电动节能环保迷你车-轮岛WA-MO

  2. Seafoam/Nami no hana

  3. 石川县升龙道·莳绘贴纸

  4. 轮岛车站观光咨询中心G.W.期间临时调整营业时间通知

  5. 轮岛天然河豚鱼

  6. 石川县轮岛漆艺美术馆休馆日通知

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