Wajima Annual Light Up Event Senmaida/2019/10/19~2020/3/15

*Aze No Kirameki* 2019 /10/19~2020 /3/15

Come and Join us to set up 25,000 solar powered lights!

Place: Senmaida
Free entry
Clothes: Easy to move
Shoes: Walking shoes
Own expense: 200 Yen (round trip)

*NOTE* Parking is not available on this day.


First Bus Running Time
15:30 Flathome Bus Station
15:40 Marinetown sub- ground parking
Bus will run every 15 ~20 minutes

15:55 Nabune Gyokou Parking
15:50 Najimi Kouminkan
Bus will run every 10~15 minutes

Last Bus Run from Senmaida

Please come early before the event for some details.

Opening Event Time schedule
16:00~18:00 Stage event
18:20 Ceremony
18:40 LED TUBES Begins to LIGHT UP!
18:50 Fireworks
19:00 Powerful Performance Gojinjo Daiko

20:30 Booth Closed/ Foods and drinks

The wind was quite chilly please keep your body warm!


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